Cheapest way to get your iPhone/iPad screen on your TV?

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Technique    41

I've seen some people manage to get their iPhone screen for example on their TV. Not just an image of it but if they're swiping left and right then it shows on the TV that the screen is being swiped left and right.


What is the cheapest (preferably free) way to get this done?

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Mindovermaster    3,903
8 minutes ago, adrynalyne said:



Apple Lightning to Digital AV Adapter




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jnelsoninjax    15,220


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Technique    41

Hmm. A look on ebay


This one:

And this one:


Either of these likely to work?


I know the saying of get what you pay for but i also know you don't always have to pay over the odds.

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adrynalyne    14,227

Off brand ones may not be able to stream video content. That’s why I linked the official one. 

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