Stealth Upgrade from Working Galaxy S7 On The Cheap

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Just tripped over this - and darn near face-faulted. It is (right now) one of the cheapest upgrades to a 5G-capable phone; it comes unlocked, and it does NOT cost $500 - despite it being from (of all folks) Samsung.  It's the Samsung S20 5G (upgrade from a working Galaxy S7) for $489USD from's Samsung Unlocked group.


Why I qualify - I went sideways from the S7 to my Pixel 3a last year; I have kept the S7 up; it still works fine, and is my 3a's backup.


The SIM issue - What issue?  The S7 I left, the Pixel 3a, and the S20 5G take the same-size SIM.  Further, I use T-Mobile's towers (which means I can use T-Mobile's mmWave 5G - which said Samsung supports).  Had I been still on Verizon's network (which said S7 came from) I would be out of luck (since Verizon uses a different sort of 5G); however, I moved from one carrier to the other due to LTE - not 5G, issues.  (Tracfone uses the networks of both carriers, and permits movement from one to the other via SIM swapping at no charge.)


The flaw - Yes; there is a flaw.  I can't get the phone in black.  (My 3a is in black.)  However, I CAN get it in PRODUCT (RED) - at no extra charge.  (Usually, this colorway costs extra.)


Basically, this will be a better backup (phone).  (Remember, the Qualcomm S7s are out of upgrade options and are stuck on Android 8; the S20s, however, ship with Android 10 out of the box; even if 5G is not an issue; it's still a better backup phone than the S7 would be.

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Jim K



The cheapest S20 with a trade in is $499 (with the S9, S10, Note10 and "comparable device owners").  A fault-free S7 brings the price to 699.99 ... don't forget to click through all the questions.



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On 4/16/2020 at 7:42 PM, Jim K said:



The cheapest S20 with a trade in is $499 (with the S9, S10, Note10 and "comparable device owners").  A fault-free S7 brings the price to 699.99 ... don't forget to click through all the questions.



Are you in the US - and are you looking to swap a Snapdragon-driven S7?


I got the same page you did; apparently the offer expired. (Curses.)


The offer is still identical to that currently for the S10e - and this phone (surprisingly) would be of greater use with my tower provider (T-Mobile) while costing no more - which is the only reason EITHER phone is under consideration at all.  (Remember - neither would replace my current primary phone - a Pixel 3a.)

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