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Hi everyone...I'm new here and do not know exactly where to post this so for give me if I'm in the wrong area... Anyhow yesterday I rewired my jvc car stereo because I was adding a distortion filter due to the fact I replaced my back up lights with led lights in my 97 Chevy S10 and they were causing interference with my speakers when I would depress the brake pedal..well during that process I had a ark due to my power wire to the stereo touching my key chain...well didn't think nothing of it and put everything back together and turned my key back to aux. The stereo system sounded problem...well..then I decided to go for a ride and that's when I found that when the truck is running I get a cut out or popping that comes from all my speakers..really annoying!! So when it's not running it sounds great at all volumes ,but when the truck is running it's popping in and out and sounds aweful...any one have any idea what happened?? I've checked all the fuses and their all fine..I've removed the filter and that did not fix it .. maybe lost a good ground when it arked off the key?? I don't know.but sure could use some help...thanks for any input I'm at wits end with this....

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