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BSOD Hal.dll Whilst Gaming

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dominicwild    0


Recently changed my graphics card and it recently started giving this bluescreen. It says "uncorrectable hardware error". Hal.dll has been consistently the cause. It only seems to occur while gaming too and its random. Even on non-graphics intensive games. I have a GTX 1080.

Here are the memory dumps:

Any assistance would be appreciated. Let me know if you need anymore information. 


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jnelsoninjax    14,594

I would recommend that you get Whocrashed, it will analyze the memory dumps and tell you what caused the BSOD. Also on the Nvidia cards, I recommend that you always check the option when installing to preform a clean install, I have had some weird issues with games when I allow the drivers to just update, instead of a clean install. You could also grab DDU (Display driver uninstaller) and completely remove all traces of the display driver, then install them again. 

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