Microsoft Office 365 Application Guard for Office and Safe Documents


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Application Guard for Office and Safe Documents will make phishing attacks harder and the Office experience better for users, starting with Office 365 Pro Plus and E5 licences.


So far, Microsoft's Windows Defender Application Guard technology (first introduced in the RS3 release of Windows 10) has really protected only one application: the original and (more recently) the new Chrome-based Edge browsers -- the WDAG extensions for Chrome and Firefox let you open sites you don't trust in Edge instead.


But the same technology will soon run Word, Excel and PowerPoint in a hardware-virtualised sandbox when you open documents from the internet, letting you copy, print, edit and save documents without having to click out of Protected View and reopen the document (which is both annoying and an opportunity to get infected with malware).


Application Guard for Office delivers "container-based WDAG support for key Office applications," Dave Weston, director of OS security at Microsoft told TechRepublic. It's a big step forward because Office macros, embedded scripts, active content like OLE and COM controls, and documents with obfuscated links to malware remain a major source of attacks -- and Protected View leaves a key security decision up to users who may be ill-equipped to decide which documents are safe.

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This is a big deal ! Hyper-V container virtualisation for Office apps !

It also is so nice to see an actual, tangible improvement to such security finally made since the introduction of the Protected View.


I hope to see it arrive to all subscribers. If the Protected View is available for consumers ... which it is ... there is no reason this should not be.

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