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control panels/web servers/stacks I would like some opinion on them.


Nikolai X. Shadeauxs

Hi! I would appreciate any input roon a couple of things. Please let me know your experience.


Nginx is faster then Apache, put I like my htaccess files.. How good is Apache with Nginx as a reverse proxy compared to just Nginx? if it good? or is that situational?

VestaCP, HestiaCP, CentOS control panel, Ajenti: opinions and suggestions? Is there others out there? What is a good free hosting panel for a single site? 


Any Good easy install webstacks for ubuntu? Nginx or Apache, Nginx reverse proxy with a mail server and webmail?


Basically I want to be able to start spinning up sites on  digital oceans I can do everything from SSH but when I turn a site over some clients are able to handle some stuff on thier own like email.

Ican forgo a control panel if there is some mainserver setup that give a graphic admin i can addon to the droplet. realy I just need easy email account creation.


I'm currently sppinning up diffrent things and testing but would love some imput from the community. thank you!

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