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Motherboard Recommendations

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Riva    1,337

b450 should do the trick and gives you 4th gen ryzen support. I would stick to ASUS, out of the past 20 years I only had one issue that needed RMA and it was just a bad batch from day one. ASUS was more than happy to send a brand new replacement.

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Newb    2

Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated 🙂

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NinjaGinger    242

Any NOT made in China. After there occupation of Tibet and how they have screwed Hong Kong and the least said about the claim to virtually all of the South China Sea, the better. ASUS used to be made in Taiwan but I think there all mainland now. Of course if you dont mind supporting a dictastorship,  Asus is the way to go. Next time I upgrade, they wont get my business.

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goretsky    1,194



Gigabyte still makes motherboards in Taiwan. 


ASRock, ASUS, Biostar, ECS, and MSI at one point made their motherboards in Taiwan, however, I do not know if they currently still do, or some are made in China. 

BCM Advanced Research designs in the US and Taiwan, and manufactures in Taiwan.

EVGA designs in the US, but I am unsure where they manufacture.


I believe Raptor Computing Systems designs and builds in the US.

Supermicro does the majority of its design as well as does final assembly in Fremont, CA, but outsources production to suppliers in China and Taiwan (they reportedly moved production out of China last year). 


System 76 is designed and manufactured in the US with domestic and foreign components, as are some Dell, Lenovo and Hewlett-Packard systems.


Trenton Systems designs and builds in the US.


Tyan manufacturers in China.



Aryeh Goretsky






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