The "Your Phone" app has become useless.

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So I have an HTC Desire 12 Android phone, has the latest version of the "Your Phone Companion" app installed, and it's currently connected to my router via wi-fi with full internet access, while my main PC running Windows 10 with the latest version of the "Your Phone" app from the MS Store installed. My PC is connected to the same internet connection via wired ethernet. Yet the "Your Phone" app on the PC seems unable to retrieve anything from the phone since 10th March.

Everytime I click Refresh, the "Your Phone" app shows a yellow banner saying: "We can't connect to your phone. Make sure your PC and phone are connected to the internet" yet both the PC and are both simultaneously connected to the same internet connection right this minute. For whatever reason the "Your Phone" app is either telling lies, or it's being a lazy **** and CBA to recognise the connection and retrieve the last 3 months worth of notifications, messages and photos from my phone.



What gives ... ?!?

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      Now, another small but nifty addition making it to Windows Insiders is the option to customize the banner notifications served by the Your Phone app. A new update to the app adds a section in the ‘Notifications’ settings that lets users choose how much details the toasts should contain. The three options provided include hiding all notification content and only letting the app name come through, showing just the sender’s name, or the choice to have a preview of the content in the notification prompt.

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