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Razer BlackWidow Elite: Modern problems require lo-tech solutions

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Steven P.    16,215

I just purchased a BlackWidow Elite (Orange switches) and yes it is UK layout haha, but while gaming the wrist rest keeps slipping away to the right, so I decided on a low tech solution to this modern problem. I was kind of disappointed it didn't click in or something. I wonder if they fixed that with the Huntsman Elite, which has a RGB lit wrist rest (and cable).





What do you guys think? I think the magnet to 'dock' the wrist rest is far too weak!

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Brandon H    3,780

haha, sometimes the simple solutions are the best. no need to get complicated


I don't see why they just didn't have it attached or clip on. you're bound to have movement while typing so I can't see just a magnet being enough for such a long piece.

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Mindovermaster    3,436

The wrist pad never gave me problems on my BlackWidow V2 Chroma. (off atm, but was on)


Maybe just use 2-side tape to secure it better.

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