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WhatsApp backup to iCloud & different Apple ID's / backup cannot be made

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kiddingguy    96

My brother has a new iPhone XR (used to have an iPhone 6).

At this moment it's not possible for him to create a WhatsApp backup to iCloud.

He's running iOS12. iCloud Drive is turned on in settings, as well as WhatsApp.

iPhone is 16GB of storage (with almost 11 GB for system files, and there's almost no extra way to clean up additional substantial free space)

He's latest WhatsApp-backup is made October 2019.



WhatsApp has been downloaded with his 'old' (personal) Apple ID.

Now he's logged in with his work Apple ID (with enough storage for backup on iCloud) and probably created a new WhatsApp account with his work phonenumber (that I'm not sure)


On WhatsApp FAQ I see

"There must be enough free space on both your iCloud and iPhone. You need to have at least 2.05 times the space available in your iCloud account and on your phone than the actual size of your backup."


Does this mean that also space on the iPhone 6 has to be freed and created (although there is none), before creating (and uploading) the backup?
Or is the only remedy to use third party tools, like dr.fone or alike, to have a backup made locally on his computer and be transferred to his new iPhone?


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