Successor to Windows 10?

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I just came to release that Windows 10 is almost 5 years on the market.

Back in the pre-Windows 10 days Microsoft released every 3 years or so new OS.


So.... what's in store for Windows 10 and the future?
Will Microsoft use Microsoft 365 as opportunity to push Windows as a service as well (and thus make some money out of it) and create a "Windows 11" or something?!

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MS designed Windows 10 as a SaaS. They said that they were going away with big, major releases, and will switch to small to medium releases with incremental updates.


They even called it "the last version of Windows", and that Windows 10 will continuously improve over time.


Windows 10X is a new version of Windows 10 developed towards the new dual-screen hardware, but is currently put on-hold by MS due to the COVID-19 situation. Due to this, they said that they'll be incorporating these exciting big new changes to future updates of Windows 10. We'll start to see those changes in 21H1.


I honestly doubt that we will see a "Windows 11" or such in the future, unless MS change their current OS strategy. Windows 10 will still and always be MS latest OS.

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George P

At some point they'll drop the number and it'll just be 'Windows' and whatever the newest version is at the time.  Much like Ubuntu does.    I think 10X is going to be the future of Windows in the long run though, the new shell/UX, containers for everything for more security and stability, and so on.  


We'll see what the marketing guys think up, but I'm pretty sure 10 is the last branded version we're going to get.  

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