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$20 Laser Printer and Dos 6.22 and Windows 3.11 Floppies.

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+warwagon    13,830

So I was on our local Facebook swap one day and I saw my old local competitor (who has since closed up shop) was selling an HP old laser Printer for $20. He posted it 24 hours before I saw it. I couldn't believe it survived that long. Just goes to show how uniformed people are about laser printers. I told him that printer should have sold instantly. I already had one but it was a large heavy one. I wanted to get a smaller one to save some room. This was for my "Couch workstation" It's where I work from 60% of the time.


 So I went over to his house and got the printer.






This is my old one




Had some streaks along the right left side of the page. Looked on line and I could buy a 2 pack of tonner for $20. So I did, and after I put it in no more streaks, and it prints jet black, prints look fantastic.


Then we went out to his shed and he was looking to just get rid of some stuff. I scored 3 things


4 pin to floppy connector. : What's funny is I was looking for EXACTLY THAT when I was working with my old Gateway p5 133 that I recently aquired. The Compact flash to IDE adapter needed a floppy connector to power it, but I also wanted to use a floppy drive. Well now I have one.


Projector : 1280 x 800 - that just needs a $40 lamp.


Dos 6.22 and Windows 3.11 floppy disks. this is something else that would have come in very useful when I was messing with that gateway p5 133. I wouldn't have had to create the floppy disks.



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Peresvet    363

One man's trash is another man's treasure 🙂


Congrats on your finds!

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Mindovermaster    3,436

DANM... That's a STEAL!


ALL those floppy disks to install 3,11....

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