Cannot Boot to USB

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Nick H.

Hi guys,


A friend has given me his computer to fix because it's no longer booting. I tried Windows restore and that gave an error so I am trying to boot a Windows 10 ISO from a USB key. The thing is, when I tell the computer to boot from a USB key I see the following:




So it seems that regardless of me telling the computer to boot from a USB it is looking for a network connection. Once that times out, it restarts and tries to boot from the HDD again.


The computer is a Lenovo, if that helps any. I've checked the settings in the BIOS and everything seems to be in order.


Any suggestions on what to try later this evening, other than throw it in the garden and stomp on it a few times? :laugh:


Cheers all!

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Matthew S.

Is your Windows ISO both UEFI and BIOS boot compatible and if its not is UEFI booting turned on on the computer?

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What model of Lenovo computer?  Does your Windows 10 installation USB flash drive successfully boot other computers?




Aryeh Goretsky


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Greg Zeng

The OP lost interest in the topic.  The "cures" are many.  Perhaps we need a FAQ on this problem.


(2) Is the BIOS setup correct, for the USB to boot first?

(3) When the USB was created, which program was used to create it?

(4) Bugs, virus, anti-malware protection used anywhere?

(5) Are the USB hardware ports working?

(6) ...  ??

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I wouldn´t rule out a hardware problem, I have a USB port in my computer that doesn´t work.

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