Anyone having issues with IE where Edge has completely taken over?

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Just trying to see if this was a Microsoft thing or something my organization pushed out without notifying everyone. Right now if you open IE it opens Edge instead.

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It shouldn't be doing that. I've deployed Edge to computers but had to keep IE around for an Intranet application which is being phased out. This has not been an issue.


Perhaps they've just updated the IE shortcut to open Edge to avoid confusion for most users (If they really want everyone to be on Edge), It would be best to ask your IT Department.

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Have you tried running "IEXPLORE.EXE" and seeing if that launches Internet Explorer instead of Edge?




Aryeh Goretsky


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Brandon H

maybe they enabled the IE Mode within Edge in the GPO and so disabled access to the legacy IE.


Do any intranet sites you need IE for work properly in Edge? that'd be a good test.


edit: I 2nd asking your IT department to be sure the reasoning/explanation

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