Over 100 Wi-Fi routers fail major security test — protect yourself now

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Almost all home Wi-Fi routers tested in a mass study by Germany's renowned Fraunhofer Institute had serious security vulnerabilities that could easily be fixed by router makers, a recently released report states.


"Nearly all were found to have security flaws, some of them very severe," the Fraunhofer Institute said in a press release. "The problems range from missing security updates to easily decrypted, hard-coded passwords and known vulnerabilities that should have been patched long ago."


Using its own analytical software, the institute tested the most recently available firmware for 117 home Wi-Fi models currently sold in Europe, including routers from ASUS, D-Link, Linksys, Netgear, TP-Link, Zyxel and the small German brand AVM. The models themselves were not physically tested.


A full list of the tested models and firmware is on GitHub. The institute was not able to examine the firmware of 10 more models, mostly from Linksys. The report notes that many firmware updates are issued without fixing known flaws.








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Moral of the story is buy the router and install custom firmware.

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52 minutes ago, warwagon said:

Moral of the story is buy the router and install custom firmware.

Or buy better routers?  I notice they said absolutely nothing about Google Wifi or Ubiquiti.


Honestly I think some of these companies deserve blacklisting far more than Huawei ever did.

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