I'm not impressed with Apples long term MacOS support on older hardware.

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It's my opinion Mac's long-term OS support is not great. The fact that I can't run the newest MacOS on a 2011 MacBook Pro 17 inch with an i7 with 8GB (just got it free yesterday) is embarrassing. It's not like they have THAT many computers to support.


Same goes for my 2011 iMac 27-inch 16GB of ram and SSD and my 2011 Macbook pro 15-inch i7, 8GB of ram. If you use a patching tool you can get Catalina installed but you don't have graphic acceleration.


Clearly people will say it's the drivers from 3rd party such as AMD, but all Apple has to do is throw money at them and have then make new drivers.


At my GF's house I'm running a laptop with an i3 that I upgraded to an SSD running Windows 10, that laptop is NINE YEARS OLD!! Same year as this MacBook pro 17 inch.


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I am with you in this as well... I have a MacPro 2010 that I have to use the Catalina patch to install it. I have in there 32GB of ram, 8GB radeon 580. I have also a MacBook Pro 2012 that is supported by Catalina but it will not be supported on the next macOS upgrade.

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