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Takes 10x longer to restore 38TB backup from local USB than over network share?

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Night Prowler    177

I recently transferred my backups from a Shared RAID 1 drive on the network to a dual 5TB 2.5 RAID1 enclosure connected directly to the PC.


I have a 38GB backup image created with Acronis. When I restore the image back from the Network share It takes about 10-15 minutes. When I restore the image from the USB drive connected directly to the PC it takes about 90 minutes. It doesn't matter if I use the Type-C connection or the USB 3.1 connection, it takes the same 90 minutes to restore.


I also tried restoring the image back from a single 5TB USB 3.1 2.5 enclosure with the same results, it takes 90 minutes to restore.


I don't think it should take that long?



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