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the essential steps to do after installed Manjaro-Linux 20 (KDE) - on comandline...

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tarifa    2

hello dear experts


have just installed manjaro-linux on a notebook - which are the commands to do first.


i think i need to do a update to  the system - eg also to pacman and several other things.


look forward to hear from you



Essential things to do after install Manjaro 20xy



here what i have found so far - what to add to these comands




Update and optimize Pacman database. sudo pacman-db-upgrade && sync.

Install Google Chrome. yay -S google-chrome.

Developer tools. ...

Install Oracle JAVA & OpenJDK. ...

Enable “TRIM” for optimizing SSD performance.



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Mindovermaster    3,651

Well, when I ever install everything, I run sudo pacman -Syu


But whatever you what want. Like JAVA, etc.

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