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While doing some hunting for something completly unrelated, I happened onto this FANTASTIC resource/tweak guide which details just about EVERY program that will at some point get loaded at startup in Windows.


What a great resource, that I thought I'd share with you. This is now part of my all time favorite bookmarks, so much so, I fired off an email to PACMan thanking him on his excellent page.

So far, I've found out about two programs that's been bugging the heck out of me on a friends Windows ME box.

Check it out and lets see just how many of these little blighters are running when you start up your PC? You will be surprised.

Plus, if you need an app to list all those nasty startup programs, NeoWin has the percet app, Startup Control Panel, downloadable from http://www.neowin.net/cgi-bin/files/downlo...l?file=startcpl

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Thanks :) Glad to be of help.

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Why oh why did I ever start this darned list of start-up items - lol :)

Takes me ages to work through my E-mail and update the site if I leave it for more than a couple of days. Can anybody tell me how to play games - I can't remember :)

Thanks for the kind comments - it helps keep me going.

Paul Collins

aka "Pacman"


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