iCloud vs iPhone XS... Photos and Albums still on iPhone after signing out


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Last week I received a Replacement iPhone.

I restored my data from iCloud (backup), including my photos stored in iCloud (so not on phone).


For some reason the indexing of persons was still at 0 photos out of my 34000-something photos in iCloud). It says that the iPhone needs to be plugged in, but it was every night for charging.


Yesterday I called Apple, and they say that I should sign out of iCloud, the photos will be deleted from my phone (that is, a small thumbnail of it, but remain on iCloud) and it will be okay. I can sign in afterwards, photos will be downloaded. And hopefully indexed.

This turns out to be not the case. Even if I sign out at all from my iPhone with my AppleID; the photos in my Album (now down to 21301, so some "improvement"/deletion has been done) are still there, even other (iCloud) albums with photos in it (but I'm signed out there :wacko:)


What can be the case here? How can I 'reset' my Photo-app/albums without losing my iCloud data? Why is my phone acting strange, and how can this be solved?


.... or can I create a backup once more, reset my iPhone and restore? But how are my iCloud photos behaving than? 

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