scythe ninja 5 : how to set up the kaze fans on heatsink (direction & position)

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hello dear community , 


scythe ninja 5 : how to set up the kaze fans on heatsink (direction & position)


how to mound scythe ninja 5 : how to set up the kaze fans on the heatsink (direction and position)

note : there are two different kaze fans - with a white image and a black image on the center of the fan 


how to mount them..




Dual Fan Design with Push/Pull Setup




Heatsink DetailsThe Ninja 5 CPU Cooler features two Kaze Flex 120 PWM fans with a max. speed of only 800 RPM. This Dual Fan Design improves the cooling performance without sacrificing low noise levels. The corners of the fans are equipped with rubber shock absorbers to prevent transfer of any vibration. In addition, the shape of the headsink helps directing the airflow from one fan to the other, thus creating a better heat transfer and dissipation by using the Push / Pull principle.



see the images:


are the kaze fans mounted correctly !`?


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Why are you asking us if you have all that information?


I've seen so many heatsinks pointed the wrong way. Fans, near the RAM, hit heatsink, and then the hot air goes out the back..


Like that german guy said, you have the fans backwards...

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+Biscuits Brown

On the sides of the fans there should be little arrows like the ones shown below.






Orient the fans so one has the arrow pointing in toward the heatsink and the other pointing away from the heat sink - meaning both fans are blowing air in the same direction. Now reinstall the the cooler so that the fans are oriented to line up with your exhaust fan. I cant tell if the fans themselves are installed correctly since I can only see one but I can tell you the ideally the heatsink should be rotated 90 degrees like the one shown below.






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