Razer Basilisk Ultimate Connection Issue

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I've had the Razer Basilisk Ultimate since it came out. I have the Wireless Power Saving (Enter Sleep Mode if idle for 2 minutes) in Razer Synapse. When I touch the mouse it usually wakes up and connects to Razer Synapse again. But sometimes it does not, and I have to switch the on and off button under the mouse 3-4 times before it connects to Razer Synapse or unplug the usb dongle from the charging dock. Sometimes when the issue happens the mouse still works so I can move the cursor, but is not connecting to Synapse, and sometimes the cursor wont move at all. I have installed the latest Razer Synapse and also flashed the mouse with the latest Firmware I found on Razer's website.

Has anyone else experienced this? 
I am on Win10 2004, fresh install and all the latest drivers etc.

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