The return of the Darkside

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Steven P.

Once again you can select the Darkside theme and be amazed at great it is!


It is much improved over the previous version

  • You can see the editor toolbar now
  • Media embeds (like Twitter) are now dark too, and styled properly within the post
  • Other elements that were forgotten in the previous version like some fonts and text fields have been styled

Things we are aware of:

  • We know some buttons like "pinned" in forum lists and others are still white

Right now we have not set it to the default for guests, so if you want to see it, login!


Feedback welcomed and a huge thanks to @DaveLegg for a great job!

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Lots of bugs squashed! Very nice!

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Thanks @DaveLegg!! :D

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The black icons on left look awesome. Black on grey background looks cool.   :) 


Also see you took off the black smilies. Ty.

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