Is there life on ... Venus?

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Steven P.


It's an extraordinary possibility - the idea that living organisms are floating in the clouds of Planet Venus.


But this is what astronomers are now considering after detecting a gas in the atmosphere they can't explain.


That gas is phosphine - a molecule made up of one phosphorus atom and three hydrogen atoms.


On Earth, phosphine is associated with life, with microbes living in the guts of animals like penguins, or in oxygen-poor environments such as swamps.




Interesting, but I doubt they are boogying in the clouds of Venus.

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+Biscuits Brown

I watched the entire presser today by the Royal Astronomical Society and the evidence the presented was compelling. The mission now moves to the stage of proving its NOT microbial in origin.  

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Exactly, look for non-organic chemistry first.


That said, years ago it was postulated microbes or floating lifeforms (think aerial jellyfish) could be bobbing around in the upper atmosphere of Venus; much lower pressure & temps, more light, in general a more hospitable environment  than the surface.


NASA has even developed a mission plan for a floating laboratory at Venus  including a crewed version; Project HAVOC (High Altitude Venus Operational Concept)



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Forrest White

Because of the high temperatures, life on the surface of Venus is impossible, but its atmosphere is cooler, so microorganisms can still exist there. We do not yet know what kind of organisms have. But we assume that they live in the clouds because the temperature in the atmosphere is suitable for life

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Is there life on Venus?  Nope.



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Is there life in the universe? Yes. Have we found it? No. Have they found us? They don't know, but if they did know...they wouldn't tell you.

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