Research into aggression caused by chewing sounds wins Dutch scientists Ig Nobel prize

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Steven P.


A Dutch Belgian team of scientists has been awarded an Ig Nobel for the second time in a row on Thursday. This time the team bagged the prize for medicine for diagnosing a disorder that makes people see red when they hear others chew, snore or sneeze.


Professor of psychiatry Damiaan Denys, who works at Amsterdam’s teaching hospital, said he was ‘incredibly happy’ to win ‘but a little confused as well’.


‘The Ig Nobel is meant to make you laugh but this condition is no joke. But we thought it was important to bring it to people’s attention so we accepted the award,’ Denys said in a video response.


Denys began to think he was on to something that had not yet been described in the psychiatric handbooks some 10 years ago, when he came across a woman who told him she became very aggressive when she heard other people sneeze.


‘I have hay fever and it was spring so I hoped I wouldn’t sneeze especially when she told me that only the day before she had thrown a television across the room. I didn’t really know how to handle it,’ he said.


Over the years Denys saw a number of other people who got very upset or even homicidal at other people’s noises, including a woman whose husband’s snoring made her want to strangle him. ‘After a number of similar cases we finally took an existing term – misophonia – to label these new criteria,’ Denys said.




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;) not the nobel Trump wants ;) 

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