Stardock Publisher Sale on Steam

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I was hoping curtains would be 50% percent off. But they do have some good deals. 

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    • By News Staff
      Save 85% off a 2-Yr Subscription to GuinRank SEO Content Optimization AI Tool
      by Steven Parker

      Today's highlighted deal comes via our Apps + Software section of the Neowin Deals store, where you can save 85% off a 2-Yr subscription to GuinRank SEO Content Optimization AI Tool. Get 12 subscriptions to streaming services, a VPN service, fitness classes, PlayStation Plus, and more.

      We all know content is king. But how do you write royal content with the shiniest crowns? Today, Google relies on artificial intelligence to read and understand the content. Enter GuinRank, a superior toolkit for content kings, enabling SEO professionals and beginners to analyze their competitors' keyword content and provide numerous ideas to write articles that easily lead search results. In addition to being the best in terms of analysis, ideation, and article composition, it supports several languages. GuinRank Text Editor will guide your content creation process and make your content crystal-clear for Google's AI, providing top results in various search engines with few or no backlinks.

      GuinRank Tools:

      Keyword Analyzer (KA). (or Keyword Competition) is a critical metric that helps you understand how hard it would be to rank for a particular search query when doing keyword research. The higher the value, the harder is to compete with others using that keyword Content Optimizer (CO). Increase your content relevancy by just recommending keywords and phrases that are being used by the top 20 Google results in the targeted keyword Keyword Brainstorming (KB). An alternative tool to Google Ads Keyword Planner. Find new, proven keyword opportunities for your organic search marketing Micro Niche Finder (MNF). Find micro niches that have little to no competition Page Analyzer (PA). Tool will help you analyze web page content for good SEO Today's Fresh Keywords (TFK). Catch up today's trends Specs:

      2-Year Subscription 10 Analyze Keyword /Day Comparing top 10 results Analyze Top 5 Site OnPage 20 Page Analyzer OnPage/Day 5 Analyze Article (Ai)/Day 5 Keywords Generator/Day 3 MicroNiche Finder/Day 10 Today’s Fresh Keywords /Day Write Unlimited Words /Article Unlimited Article /Keyword Unlimited Writers Account 30 Money Back Guarantee Good to know
      Length of access: 2 years This plan is only available to new users Redemption deadline: redeem your code within 30 days of purchase Device per license: 1 Software version: v3 Updates included For terms, specs and license info, click here.

      Here's the deal:
      A 2-Yr subscription to GuinRank SEO Content Optimization AI Tool normally costs $680 but it can be yours for only $99.99 for a limited time, that's a saving of $580.01 (85%) off!

      >> Get this deal, or learn more about it <<
      See all Apps + Software on offer. This is a time limited deal.
      Get $1 credit for every $25 spent · Give $10, Get $10 · 10% off for first-time buyers.

      Not for you?
      If this offer doesn't interest you, why not check out the following offers:

      The Win Your Dream 2020 Tesla Model 3 Giveaway 20% off Ivacy VPN subscription with coupon code IVACY20 NordVPN subscription at up to 68% off for a 2 year plan Private Internet Access VPN subscription at up to 71% off Unlocator VPN or SmartDNS unblock Geoblock with 7-day free trial Subscribe to Neowin for $14 a year, or $28 a year for Ad-Free experience Disable Sponsored posts · Neowin Deals · Free eBooks · Neowin Store

      Disclosure: This is a StackCommerce deal or giveaway in partnership with Neowin; an account at StackCommerce is required to participate in any deals or giveaways. For a full description of StackCommerce's privacy guidelines, go here. Neowin benefits from shared revenue of each sale made through our branded deals site, and it all goes toward the running costs.

    • By LoneWolfSL
      Steam Halloween Sale drags in hundreds of haunted discounts
      by Pulasthi Ariyasinghe

      The yearly Steam Halloween Sale is back for another round, offering major discounts on hundreds of spooky, atmospheric, and supernatural titles, as well as games running Halloween events.

      A handy new hub has been set up to navigate the sale, which splits up the offerings to various featured games, recommended titles, DLC, demos, and more sections for easier browsing. There is also a section for highlighting the various events that games have running right now to celebrate Halloween. The Steam Points Shop has been updated with new cosmetic items for profiles too, all themed after the current festivities.

      As for some of the featured deals today, hit titles like Devil May Cry 5, Control, Carrion, GTFO, Alien Isolation, DUSK, Resident Evil 2 remake, are highlighted. The sale prices will remain the same throughout the event.

      The 2020 Steam Halloween Sale will be running from today till November 2 at 10:30AM PST, giving those looking for deals five days to make their picks. For those seeking a larger selection, the next major sales heading into Steam are the Autumn and Winter promotions in November and December, respectively, which will be targeting a broader spectrum of genres.

    • By Copernic
      LibreOffice 7.0.3
      by Razvan Serea

      LibreOffice is the free power-packed Open Source personal productivity suite for Windows, Macintosh and Linux, that gives you six feature-rich applications for all your document production and data processing needs: Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Math and Base. Support and documentation is free from our large, dedicated community of users, contributors and developers. You, too, can also get involved!


      Writer is the word processor inside LibreOffice. Use it for everything, from dashing off a quick letter to producing an entire book with tables of contents, embedded illustrations, bibliographies and diagrams. The while-you-type auto-completion, auto-formatting and automatic spelling checking make difficult tasks easy (but are easy to disable if you prefer). Writer is powerful enough to tackle desktop publishing tasks such as creating multi-column newsletters and brochures. The only limit is your imagination.

      Calc tames your numbers and helps with difficult decisions when you're weighing the alternatives. Analyze your data with Calc and then use it to present your final output. Charts and analysis tools help bring transparency to your conclusions. A fully-integrated help system makes easier work of entering complex formulas. Add data from external databases such as SQL or Oracle, then sort and filter them to produce statistical analyses. Use the graphing functions to display large number of 2D and 3D graphics from 13 categories, including line, area, bar, pie, X-Y, and net - with the dozens of variations available, you're sure to find one that suits your project.

      Impress is the fastest and easiest way to create effective multimedia presentations. Stunning animation and sensational special effects help you convince your audience. Create presentations that look even more professional than the standard presentations you commonly see at work. Get your collegues' and bosses' attention by creating something a little bit different.

      Draw lets you build diagrams and sketches from scratch. A picture is worth a thousand words, so why not try something simple with box and line diagrams? Or else go further and easily build dynamic 3D illustrations and special effects. It's as simple or as powerful as you want it to be.

      Base is the database front-end of the LibreOffice suite. With Base, you can seamlessly integrate into your existing database structures. Based on imported and linked tables and queries from MySQL, PostgreSQL or Microsoft Access and many other data sources, you can build powerful databases containing forms, reports, views and queries. Full integration is possible with the in-built HSQL database.

      Math is a simple equation editor that lets you lay-out and display your mathematical, chemical, electrical or scientific equations quickly in standard written notation. Even the most-complex calculations can be understandable when displayed correctly. E=mc2.

      LibreOffice also comes configured with a PDF file creator, meaning you can distribute documents that you're sure can be opened and read by users of almost any computing device or operating system.

      Download: LibreOffice 7.0.3 (32-bit) | 285.0 MB (Open Source)
      Download: LibreOffice 7.0.3 (64-bit) | 302.0 MB
      View: LibreOffice Website | Release Notes | Screenshot

      Get alerted to all of our Software updates on Twitter at @NeowinSoftware

    • By Copernic
      Krita 4.4.1
      by Razvan Serea

      Krita Desktop is a free an open source painting application. Krita is the full-featured free digital painting studio for artists who want to create professional work from start to end. Krita is used by comic book artists, illustrators, concept artists, matte and texture painters and in the digital VFX industry. Krita has been in development for over 10 years and has had an explosion in growth recently. It offers many common and innovative features to help the amateur and professional alike.

      Krita has a user-friendly interface. The dockers and panels can be moved and customized for your specific workflow. Once you have your setup, you can save it as your own workspace. You can also create your own shortcuts for commonly used tools.

      In addition to painting, Krita comes with vector, filter, group, and file layers. Combine, order, and flatten layers to help your artwork stay organized. There are also three different views on how to see the layers.

      Krita supports full color management through LCMS for ICC and OpenColor IO for EXR, allowing you to incorporate Krita into your existing color management pipeline.

      Open PSD files that even Photoshop cannot open. Load and save to PSD when you need to take your artwork across different programs.

      Krita is the only dedicated painting application that lets you open, save, edit and author HDR and scene-referred images. Furthermore, with OCIO and OpenEXR support, you can manipulate the view to examine HDR images, and use it in the most cutting edge workflows from the film and visual effects industries.

      Download: Krita 4.4.1 (32-bit) | Portable | ~150.0 MB (Open Source)
      Download: Krita 4.4.1 (64-bit) | Portable
      Download: Krita Windows App Store (commercial software)
      View: Krita Home Page | Krita Screenshot | Release Notes

      Get alerted to all of our Software updates on Twitter at @NeowinSoftware

    • By Copernic
      Malwarebytes (offline installer)
      by Razvan Serea

      Malwarebytes is a high performance anti-malware application that thoroughly removes even the most advanced malware and spyware. Malwarebytes version 4.xx brings comprehensive protection against today’s threat landscape so that you can finally replace your traditional antivirus.

      You can finally replace your traditional antivirus, thanks to a innovative and layered approach to prevent malware infections using a healthy combination of proactive and signature-less technologies. While signatures are still effective against threats like potentially unwanted programs, the majority of malware detection events already come from signature-less technologies like Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit and Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware; that trend will only continue to grow. For many of you, this is something you already know, since over 50% of the users already run Malwarebytes as their sole security software, without any third-party antivirus.

      What is new in this version:

      Improved detection and remediation

      Improved performance

      Improved updating functionality

      Some Issues now addressed:

      Fixed: rundll32 AE block in Word

      Fixed: Mwac.sys BSOD: PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA under certain circumstances

      Fixed: Telemetry error "processPath is empty" after MWAC exclusion is added using tray

      Fixed: A few UI issues

      Fixed: Users report to lose connection (visibility) to the LAS or Network Neighborhood after upgrading to CU19*

      Download: Malwarebytes | 185.0 MB (Free, paid upgrade available)
      Links: Malwarebytes Website | Screenshot

      Get alerted to all of our Software updates on Twitter at @NeowinSoftware