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Hello, I have a problem after building my pc, I don’t have any video display. Everything looks good except no video. I looked up multiple things on YouTube and nothing had the solution. I wonder if it’s a cord in the wrong place or my motherboard has a red light for cpu. Any thoughts? I am really upset, I just spent $1000 on this and I have had just non stop problems and issues.

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Jim K

" I just spent $1000 on this "


Under warranty?  Return it.


red light for cpu" ?  Are we talking about the motherboard or the case?

Does it have a dedicated GPU ... are you plugged into the right HDMI/DisplayPort?


... you probably need to be more specific.  Brand/Model?  

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Sounds like you chose all the parts yourself. Can you check if the stock bios supports your CPU? A red light for processor is never good.

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Yes, we need waaay more details or otherwise its guessing game. 


Do you have links to where you bought the parts?


Motherboard, CPU, GPU, PSU. PSU is as important as anything.  

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As above, we need more information. A red CPU light is never a good thing...

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