Logitech MX Keys - worth it?

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Actually I'm tryping on a Logitech K350 wireless keyboard together with MX Master 3 (awesome mouse).

I had in mind to get the new mx keys from logi but I'm a bit worried on a few aspects :

1. Battery life - I'm not a big fan of lighting (& I type without seeing the keys).. so probably will stay off. How long do think It will last with daily use (~8h) in CAD/mail.

2. I'll get a new laptop and plan to type on it from the keyboard. Actually my system has a unifying receiver for keyboard & mouse. I plan to use it for the mouse & bluetooth from the keyboard on the laptop.

So this way I can use 2 devices with the same keyboard. the 3'rd one will be my samsung note..but rarely.


Any owners here to share their experience with mx keys? Would be great.


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I've been using one for just shy of a year and am very happy with it. As far power goes I generally get 14-16 days, that's on BT & with the backlight active on use + with WFH it's in use practically all day. Only downside theirs no 'remaining power' detail you get both a Windows notification & the power light begins flashing red when you hit either 10 or 5% (I think 5 but not sure), the Logitech software will only tell you how it's connect & if it's charging.

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