Logitech MX Keys - worth it?

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Actually I'm tryping on a Logitech K350 wireless keyboard together with MX Master 3 (awesome mouse).

I had in mind to get the new mx keys from logi but I'm a bit worried on a few aspects :

1. Battery life - I'm not a big fan of lighting (& I type without seeing the keys).. so probably will stay off. How long do think It will last with daily use (~8h) in CAD/mail.

2. I'll get a new laptop and plan to type on it from the keyboard. Actually my system has a unifying receiver for keyboard & mouse. I plan to use it for the mouse & bluetooth from the keyboard on the laptop.

So this way I can use 2 devices with the same keyboard. the 3'rd one will be my samsung note..but rarely.


Any owners here to share their experience with mx keys? Would be great.


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I've been using one for just shy of a year and am very happy with it. As far power goes I generally get 14-16 days, that's on BT & with the backlight active on use + with WFH it's in use practically all day. Only downside theirs no 'remaining power' detail you get both a Windows notification & the power light begins flashing red when you hit either 10 or 5% (I think 5 but not sure), the Logitech software will only tell you how it's connect & if it's charging.

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MS Bob 10

I'd suggest the Dell Wireless keyboard WK717 (if you want just the keyboard) or Dell KM717 (keyboard-mouse combo). Far better than MX keys for me.

I have several problems with MX keys which the Dell doesn't have.


Media keys are direct 1 keystroke in Dell, not shared with function keys like Logitech's horrible trend in all keyboards including MX Keys. In fact, for a Windows PC purist, the only keys shared on Dell are with Android functions like Back, Home, Recent apps and rarely needed ones: Scroll Lock, Pause/Break, Insert with Printscreen (Yes Printscreen is one key you'd need often but not Insert).

Logitech shares a lot of keys between function keys row with who-knows-what-the-icons-do level of guesswork involved. They also perversely replace often in many of their keyboards for no reason many keys which have easy to understand text with cryptic hard to decipher icons which are not even standard across all their keyboards.

For instance, I can't instantly tell where is Print Screen in MX keys. Does it even exist? There doesn't seem to be any Menu key in Logitech. Or is that the Menu key above the Numeric keypad and the Print Screen with the Camera icon next to it? Why is it there and not in its standard position and standard text, why an image?

Dell has AA batteries which last a long time – a year with Bluetooth low energy, it's a lot cheaper too even if bought together with the mouse.

Also I press for example, F2 a zillion times to rename, F3 a zillion times to Find next, Alt+F4 to close, F5 for refresh and so on. I can't be bothered with Logitech's confusing key sharing without even any color coding to tell if I've to press Fn+function key or just that depending Fn lock's status.


If I want to quickly mute, I can't be bothered with checking first what is the state of Fn lock and should I press Fn+F11 or just F11. Will it fullscreen me or mute. MX Keys is confusing – poor usability.


The Fn key itself is dumped on the right side (again a perversion by Logitech of standard layouts). Where Logitech *should* have put the Windows logo on Win key as per Microsoft's specifications, they wrote "Start". Logitech just fight with your muscle memory. Dell is very "standard" layout.

In Logitech, where are the indicator states (on/off) for Fn lock, Numlock? I can't even seem to locate them. They should be right in those keys themselves. Logitech always reinvents existing standard keyboards for "innovation" and fashion. They don't realize they are making them worse.

Sorry but I find all these deviations from standards for no reason pointless and Logitech always does them. They are past their prime in keyboards. My two cents. I can't stand change for sake of change from standard keyboard things.

Edited by MS Bob 10
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