Suggestions for True Wireless Earbuds?

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Nick H.

Hi guys,


The title pretty much says it all. I'm considering getting some True Wireless Earbuds to use with my Samsung S20+ and my laptop. As usual there is quite a selection out there, and reading through the various reviews each seem to come with their pros and cons.


I started looking at the Raycon e25 earbuds, which seem to come at a fairly cheap price. But looking further into things I see that quite a lot of reviews mention that the sound quality isn't great. I guess you get what you pay for.

I then found the Sony WF-1000XM3 earbuds. I've used other Sony earphones in the past and I've always been impressed with their sound quality, although I note that the price is a bit more than the Raycons. I see that they're not recommended for running activities as they can come out even with their locking mechanism. I'm not sure if that includes things like jogging to catch a bus or train, but that does concern me slightly. At least with my current wireless earphones if I'm jogging across the road and one pops out it remains attached around my neck. I'm also not a particular fan of the design, they don't look as discreet as other options out there.

And then I took a look at the Samsung Galaxy Buds+. They are slightly cheaper than the Sony earbuds and seem to offer the kind of discreet design that I'm looking for. But they don't seem to offer noise-cancellation, and I can't find much information about how well they stay in when it comes to the idea of running.


I'm going to take a walk in to town this afternoon and stop in at my local store to see what they offer there - I may end up picking up a pair of earbuds - maybe a pair not mentioned above - on a whim if the price seems right. But I figured I would also check with you guys and see if anyone had any recommendations, or any advice on things to look out for when trying to decide what to get. All advice is welcome, even if the advice is, "don't bother, stick with the earphones you have."

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I'm also in the market for some new wireless buds, do let me know if you have purchased some and any thoughts. I had a pair of Jabra 65t and they were good for the 2 years I had them. Sadly I lost one of them down the toilet in a hotel this morning. I was bog-eyed, half asleep and struggling to pee. The buds still in my ears from falling alseep and one landed in the toilet and down the bend, when room service came knocking and startled me.


The Jabra 65t were pretty good but I'm not sure I'd buy them again considering the minefield of bluetooth buds now.

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Nick H.
10 hours ago, Broughton said:

let me know if you have purchased some and any thoughts.

I ended up getting the Samsung Galaxy Buds+...and the Galaxy Watch:




I've got to say I'm really happy with both of them. I mentioned in my first post that the earbuds didn't seem to offer noise-cancellation, but after trying them out for a week or so I can't say that I've noticed a problem. The sound comes through perfectly fine without the outside world being an issue, and they offer an "ambient sound" setting that switches on the microphones so that you can hear someone talking to you if you want. I have needed to switch the sound settings over to the Bass Boost option, and with that option enabled they sound just like my Sony earphones.

The touch controls took a moment to get used to, but they seem to work perfectly fine. And you can also program the touch-and-hold option on each earpiece. For example, if I touch and hold the right earbud it turns on/off the ambient sound option, and if I touch and hold the left earpiece it starts the Spotify app on my phone.

As far as battery life goes, I've not had a problem there either. I haven't used them for an extended period of time - I think 90 minutes might have been the longest period so far - but I'll be doing some travelling next week where I can put them to the test.

All in all, I would recommend them if someone asked.


And briefly - since it is in the photo - I would say that the Galaxy Watch is great too. There were only a few options that I knew I wanted: receive notifications from my phone, control my music, a pedometer and a decent battery life. Oh, and the ability to tell the time. The watch does all of this and some other things which I've found pretty neat, such as the ability to choose which notifications I want to receive, the ability to answer the phone, the ability to have a phone call using the watch (a speaker and microphone are on the watch. Although I admit I haven't tested that yet,) a heartrate monitor, and others. The battery life is great, I get over 3 days of use from it before I need to consider charging it again.

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MS Bob 10

If anyone else is looking for other suggestions, I suggest Creative Outlier Air V2 or V1.

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Brandon H

I've been a fan of the PAMU TWS models for some time; I've backed every one of their Indigogo campaigns over the years and they just keep improving upon themselves.

Their latest model the PAMU Quiet is touted as the Air Pod Pro killer and after getting mine in the mail recently I fully believe it. And it only cost me $80 during their campaign.


I know you already decided on a set above but check them out if you're interested :)


Both the PAMU Slide/Slide Mini and PAMU Quiet are amazing TWS ear phones using the high end Qualcomm chips

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