New gpu issues.

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ok so I know basically dick about computers so bare with me and reply as if you were talking to a 6th grader. Lol. Ok so, I have an optiplex 9020 (the normal size tower one) and just installed a evga 750 watt psu, and a rx 580 black edition 8gb gpu. I have taken out the cage for the hard drive to fit the gpu. So, I get everything connected and initially everything boots up fine except everything looks semi pixelated  I guess is how you would describe. But then I go and start installing the driver for gpu, starts off fine, almost get to end of installation, and screen goes black, the pc is still running but no display.  So I reboot pc and dell logo comes up but then before windows logo screen is black again even though the pc is in fact still running. And the only way to get to desktop is to disconnect new gpu and connect back to the integrated gpu, and like this everything runs perfectly like when I first got the pc. So, then just to test I only disconnect from integrated gpu and reconnect the new one. Same problem as before with only seeing screen til the dell logo. So, I disconnected new gpu, reconnected integrated, then used software to erase all AMD  drivers, then shutdown and reconnected the new gpu, then boot back up and make it to the desktop and everything works fine except having slightly "pixilated " display. Now I can do whatever I want this way until again I try to install drivers and same thing as before almost done with install and black screen. And to note, the blue led comes on with new gpu and (I just noticed) the fans start on new gpu for like 5 seconds then stop, all other fans in pc still spin and you can hear stuff loading in pc, just no display after dell logo and gpu fans not spinning. And things I have tried... using only 1 ram stick, using dvi instead of hdmi, tried multiple cords, adapters. Etc. Removing cmos bat, reinstalling windows, updating bios, and so on and so forth. (I know that isn't helpful  but yeah). Help?? 😔

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Steven P.

Did you try booting Windows to safe mode after you installed the drivers and got the black screen? Maybe the screen resolution was set to something your monitor does not support (unlikely, but I don't know). In safe mode you should be able to to set a safe screen resolution that applies when you boot normally.


Judging by what you've tried, maybe you were unlucky and got a bad card.


Also don't worry about the GPU fans, they only work continuously when the card is under some load, they are off most of the time for normal desktop operation.

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almost get to end of installation, and screen goes black, the pc is still running but no display.  So I reboot pc 


At this point, how long did you wait before stopping it?

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