Australian retired CIO (1985), looking for interesting internet areas.

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Greg Zeng

Google "gregzeng" shows less than one percent of my Internet activity.  Just discovered Neowin, by some of its articles.  Tried to understand Linux, but now returning to Windows.

True blue Australian, with about forty years living in Sydney, and now retired to the Australian Capital Territory.  Most my web activities are mirrored on my very public Facebook pages.

Generally so busy discovering this world, so do not publish very much.  Might now start publishing?  Ergonomics, cognitive science, internet, governance, etc.


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obligatory g'day from a fellow aussie. 


Linux is definitely one of those things that isn't for everybody however it's rewarding if you persevere. Perhaps in your case not as a full desktop but as a virtual machine instead so you can get your feet wet without it disrupting your day to day if you run into issues or have questions. 

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