Time for a new phone. But which one?

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My XZ3 is creaking, and the aerials are intermittent so I often don't get signal when out and about. I was looking at claiming for a new handset on the insurance, but the excess is £100. I may as well upgrade early (not due until May '21) and pay an early upgrade fee. Looking at my options, I've thinned it down to 1 of 3 devices


  • Huawai P30 Pro (new edition)
  • Sony Xperia 5 II (5G)
  • Pixel 5 (5G)


Given that list, what would you opt for? Bear in mind the Xperia comes with a set of WH-H910N for free.


Use cases


  • Not too bothered about the camera as I have an Olympus OMD
  • Some casual gaming
  • Browsing
  • Hotspot for the kids when we're in the car
  • Listening to music
  • Streaming movies/tv shows
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Personally it'd be the Pixel 5.


Give your requirements, I feel like most of the would cover all those bases, so the cheapest one? 😛

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Nick H.

Personally all three look pretty decent to me. I remember the P30 getting solid reviews (oh look, Neowin reviewed it! :p). My friend had an Xperia (but one of the first models, I think) and always talked about how great it was, although I note that its emphasis was the camera setup which you're not bothered about. And I would say that you can't go wrong with Google's own (another Neowin review), although wasn't there some talk about a gap appearing in the design? Ah, here we are.


I think I would pick the P30, so long as you're not concerned about China's attempt at mass surveillance. I'm joking, of course. ;)

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I know it's not part of your list and please feel free to ignore but i would recommend the Nokia android phones, theyre well built and pretty stock at a good price in the UK. 

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  • 3 weeks later...

I ended up taking a Pixel 4a, and I love it.

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