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Hi there!

Could someone share their experience with home cameras?

In particular I’m interested to know if it’s better to get one that constantly captures video or one with a motion detector?
Any chance has anyone used the Homam cameras. I want to test it, and curious what others think about it.

Please share any suggestions, I'd appreciate any help!.

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Always get one that captures feed at all times vs activates on motion. Before I got our Nest cams, I had one that triggered on motion only and when someone hit our mailbox and didn't stop, the motion activate one didn't capture it. Luckily our neighbors had one that captured feed at all times and we were able to catch them (they lived in the same neighborhood). 

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I have nest cams and they record constant and alert based on zone. I think they are quite good as I can watch the feed from my PC or phone when ever needed and you can also talk to people though the camera as well. 


It was quite fun making some kids jump when they tried to play "knock a door run" :D


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I've been using Eufy cameras for about 8mo now. Theyre pretty awesome. Their cameras are motion-based. They even feature a "human only" mode where the software will only start to record when a human is detected. Other motion, like animals, wont trigger the recording.

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