SpaceX Starship SN8 15km test flight


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Date: NET December 2, 2020 (date driver = weather)

Time: TBD

Pad: Test Stand 1, Boca Chica

Flight plan: 3 engine boost to 15 km, rotate to 'skydiver' position (horizontal, belly down), controlled  descent - slowing to terminal velocity (66-68 meters/s), rotate to vertical, then perform a propulsive landing.


Stream: YouTube SpaceXChannel


Latest NSF video:



Updates as they come in...


InfoGrapic News (Tony Belaa



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From the latest FAA NOTAM, they're now  going for Sunday.


Date: December 6 (Sunday)

Window: 1300 - 1900 Eastern


Backup date 1: December 7 (Monday)

Window: 0900 - 1830 Eastern 


Backup date 2: December 8 (Tuesday)

Window: 0900 - 1800 Eastern 

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