ATOM, is this still a Editor that can compete with VSCode or Pycharm

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dear community, howdy experts on neowin, 




i am on Linux. i want to set up a Python development environment: i have several options:


in fact: Lots of choices we have VSCode, Sublime, Eric  or ATOM and yes also PyCharm  or  Anaconda and and lots of others more


i have a bit Experience in ATOM which is neat and extensible. It also has a very nice Github-integration.  We also can use PyCharm  which is a fully flegded IDE with a great Python-support. 


VSCode is a very very large project on Github - in fact the biggest one. 

to install VSCode on MX is a bit tricky - there are several options. I describe some - and would be lucky if you add more. 

we can use Flatpack, since it is integrated into MXPI and it makes easier. some of my friends not use this (Fedora) packaging system, i can install codium as sugested on their web page: it is supposed to worked and we re keep getting updates if we install codium.


Here are the steps we can use: (Codium is the same as Code, just removed Microsoft 'telemetry')


# Add the GPG key of the repository:

wget -qO - | sudo apt-key add -

# Add the repository:

echo 'deb vscodium main' | sudo tee --append /etc/apt/sources.list.d/vscodium.list

# Update then install vscodium:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install codium

Anaconda: Btw, there is another option - Anaconda. If we install Anaconda, huge scientific package, many research labs use it,
it comes with VS Code (well during installation we need to confirm that we want VS Code also installed) and then VSCode becomes integrated with it. Plus we furthermore get another IDE, simpler Spyder, plus Jypiter Notebook which I really like for certain things. We can check out Anaconda also. Although it is damned huge, some 12GB and after we start creating virtual environments in it, it will get even damned-bigger. Ah, yes, it is perfect for managing virtual environments, we can create them with mouse click, choose what version of python to use with it, which packages... all with mouse if we prefer GUI. Lots of choices we have VSCode :: ATOM :: PyCharm  or  Anaconda and sublime, Eric and lots of others more


well which system do you prefer - do someone here at this place stick to ATOM!?  Or do everybody run VSCode!?



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Pick any editor you want and are comfortable with. use it. There is the editor you should use. WTH does it matter what anyone else uses and why are you using anything like vscode? Why are you fixated on whatever anyone else uses? 

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