Couple of darkside fixes in the news site

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Steven P.

Thanks to some bug fixing work by @Redmak the comments (and reply to comment) box is now dark instead of eye blindingly white 😂😂




Prev / Next articles are now stacked and stand out a bit more below articles



Earlier this week @DaveLeggremoved some javascript and cleaned up some code that was no longer used (for example we now only use one advertiser to display in page ads, before it was two, which required two sets of javascripts).


For guests we completely removed the CKeditor javascript from loading in the background (some 500kb) this was overlooked and a bug, because guests could never comment so it makes no sense to load the editor at all.


A future update will add some lazy loading, so that certain heavier elements (like the editor) will only load once they are in focus on the page.


BTW a little known fact is that guests can enable Darkside on our news site with the theme icon toggle at the top of the right rail sidebar:




It's also at the top right of all articles (except reviews, which are full width pages).




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Steven P.

@Redmakhas done some more Darkside fixes 🤩🤩🤩




Notification and PM menu's have been styled to fit Darkside (I've asked for this to be ported to forums too because it is better than what we have now).




Headline going over the thumbnail image fixed




Correct comments icon for Trending news stories (was previously black and hard to see)

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Steven P.

A few more tweaks: the darkside comment colors have been tweaked a bit to be more like on the light theme.


New comments are green, your own comment is blue and normal (read) comment color is still black. The quote blocks are also being fixed today




Taken from example article

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Steven P.



Font made a bit lighter.

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Nick H.

Oh look, it's me! :laugh:


I'm liking the new colours (colours, Steve!). And it's great that they've been tweaked so that we can now see the quote, like etc. buttons! (Y)

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Steven P.



Quotes fixed




Nested quotes fixed 🤓

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      I wish everything was free or that we could rely solely on subscriptions and the kindness of hosts and server manufacturers, but that isn't reality. If you want us to stick around for another 19 years we have to have the means to be able to grow, and with over half of our readers blocking that revenue stream, I can only tell you that it is getting harder and harder to do.