HDMI: is there a compatibility issue?

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I bought a HDMI cable to use in my PC. As soon as I got home and plugged it in, it worked perfectly. The only problem is that the cable was too short. The next day I went to the store and exchanged it for a longer cable. Surprisingly, the monitor only says "no sign". This is not a issue with my GPU, since I tried plugging the cable into the Mother Board (MOBO) as well.


There remains only two possibilities, I think: either the cable itself is damaged, or my monitor somehow is not compatible with the cable model. I'm thinking of the later case due to the fact that the original cable that worked is from a different brand.


What possibility is more likely? 

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Joe User

A damaged cable is always the first suspect when diagnosing issues like this. Cables are very easy to break and if you don't have a cable tester the best thing to do is just get another cable.




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Brandon H

what resolution and refresh rate are you trying to achieve? outside of faulty cable that would be my only thought, you're possibly trying to push a resolution/refresh rate for HDMI 2.0/2.1 and that cord isn't rated for that.


HDMI is a digital signal so it's either it works or it doesn't so if you're just pushing 1080p or something then it's more than likely just a faulty cord that you should be allowed a free exchange on.

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