pc is jerking me for a few seconds

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He tenido un problema desde hace un tiempo y es que mi pc se ocupa durante unos segundos, todo el sistema se siente como si estuviera a tirones y, a veces, dura mucho tiempo. Ya reinstalé el sistema operativo ya hice mantenimiento y cuando esto pasa el sistema no detecta que algún componente esté saturado en caso de que preguntes mi pc tiene un ryzen 3200g 16gb ram un ssd de 240 y creo que ed el más importante

Just now, WichoJmz said:

I've had a problem for a while now and that is my PC hangs for a few seconds, the whole system feels like it's jerking and sometimes it lasts for a long time. I have already reinstalled the operating system and I have done maintenance and when this happens the system does not detect that any component is saturated in case you ask my pc has a ryzen 3200g 16gb ram an ssd of 240 and I think it is the most important


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The first thing I would check is power management. Type power into the start menu and look for the control panel entry, second thing to check is the SSD's health, Crystal Disk Info, see if it reports anything wrong with the health of the drive.

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I'd go more towards the CPU or Memory. Bit, yeah, do what jnelson said...


Look in system monitor, and see what is spiking you, your RAM or CPU usage. (or other)

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