Purported AMD Epyc Genoa info points to 96C/192T chip

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Roughly within a year AMD plans to launch its fourth gen Epyc processors (Genoa), according to official roadmaps shared previously. AMD has yet to release the third gen Epyc processors (Milan), but did take time out at CES in January to provide a demo of a 2P system easily trouncing a contemporary Intel system in WRF – a popular climate modelling app.


So what advances are going to be delivered by Genoa? As you can see above the official roadmap shows that Genoa will move to utilising AMD's Zen 4 processor cores, and it will be fabricated at 5nm. These are the major changes it has shared regarding its continuous improvement of its server platform. Of course there is more to it that this, and Twitter's ExecutableFix reckons he has added quite a lot of meat to the bones that we are certain of.


Key features of Genoa include the following according to the Twitter source:

96-cores (192 threads)

12-channel DDR5-5200

128 PCIe gen 5.0 lanes (160 for 2P systems)

320W TDP (configurable TDP to 400W)

SP5 (LGA-6096) socket


Source: https://hexus.net/tech/news/cpu/147482-purported-amd-epyc-genoa-info-points-96c192t-chip/



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