2 usb modems connected to same laptop

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Currently I have my windows 10 computer hooked up to caller ID software so I can control which phone calls get through to my house using a program called Phone tray. An rj 45 cable is connected to my landline and the other end is connected to the modem.


I have a second landline which i use for business and I was thinking on using a similar set up with a different software called Call Control. It will use a separate USB modem and rj 45 cable. The question I have is will the 2 programs interfere with each other from working correctly connected to the same laptop?


I am doing this to avoid telemarketers and robo calls for both lines. With 1 line it works perfectly.

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Ok, I just thought of an easier way to ask / do this. Would it be possible to have 2 caller id software on the same laptop. One will get call notifications vis USB modem and the other will get network notifications as the other line has a different modem.  Or will there be conflicts?

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Have you considered setting up Linux server with Asterisk software PBX on or similar) in order to manage your telephony network?




Aryeh Goretsky


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