Faulty Acer Monitor

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Recently my Acer monitor model ED323QUR monitor stopped working. It happened while I was using it, the display just faded to black over a couple of seconds. The back light still works, and the monitor powers on, but no display, not even anything from the OSD/power up display (usually get the Acer logo for a second or two).


I managed to source a second hand control board from Ebay, which apparently came from a working monitor with a cracked LCD. Same results.


The power board is supplying 12v as expected. I have a second monitor plugged into the graphics card and that working just fine, so because of that and not getting any OSD I don't think it's an input problem.


It's a nice monitor, and wasn't that cheap. It failed just a couple of months outside warranty unfortunately. I'd like to be able to fix it as I'm not in a place to be able to buy an equivalent replacement at the moment.


Anyone got any ideas?

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Might be your backlight that went out. Happens. When you have your monitor on, shine a flashlight on it. If you can see something, that's your issue.


Can you RMA it, or is it out of warranty? I think you tried everything else. Sorry, but you might need a new monitor...


Edit: Oh, might have read over that. Did you contact Acer? Even though it is out of warranty, companies can still fix/replace it.

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As stated, back light is working, and it's out of warranty.


I haven't contacted Acer. From what I've seen however they'll charge a something llike £70 just to look at it (plus my shipping costs which won't be insignificant on a 32inch monitor). That's before any replacements parts.

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