How do I completely disable Windows 2000 Paging file to save my SSD

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And that wouldn't use up your ssd anyway..  You understand modern SSDs can have like 100TB written to them..  Do the math yourself on how much data you would have to write a DAY to use up 100TB in 10 years even..


If I look at the SSD on my system - with paging file on it..


Looking at my C drive ssd, where the page file is, etc.  And where I download everything and move files back and forth from my nas after I work on them.. Which are HUGE media files.. And I move them back and forth all the time.. I show with my 3 year old samsung 860 EVO 250GB ssd.. has 59TB written..  Which has a life of 150TBW, so I am like a bit over its 1/3 through its life expectancy..  Do I think I will have this drive being used as my main OS driver for another 6 years.. I don't think so ;)  its warranty is only 5 years anyway..  This PC is getting pretty long in the tooth to be honest.. And have been thinking of replacing it - prob within the next year for sure..


My older 128GB 850 Pro, which also has a 150TBW life, or 10 years which comes first is like 5.5 years old and been on the whole time and is only at 38.4TB - and while its not my OS drive any longer - it use to be for a couple of years.  I move a lot data on and off it as well.. Where I do my conversions, etc.. Not even close to its TBW..


Being worried about such things is pretty pointless these days.. Just figure you will get 5/10 years out it..    I wouldn't worry about the small amount of data your using, if your worried about writing some data to your drive - your doing it wrong ;)


What is the size of this SSD.. The bigger ones have much larger TBW.. The 850 pro's 512/1TB have 300TBW or 10 year warranty.. If you could get close to writing 300TB to it in 10 years I would be really impressed ;) hehehe

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Unrelated, but using 2K on a SSD will significantly shorten it's lifespan as it lacks all the vital services like TRIM so I advice you at least move to 7/8.1/10.

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