Looking for 2D/top down space combat game

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Its been more than 15 years since I played that space game, but it has always been fun playing it, I remembered playing it recently, so I want to look for it but searching it online want helpful . So i ask in the forum for help. 

Details of the game

Well , the memory is quite hazy as it has been 15 years , but it is a space combat game kind of like, space invaders but much more comphrensive. I remember playing it in 2003-4 so its pretty old, we are looking possibly at early 2000's game. the 90's or even earlier.


In the game , you control the lead ship in a squadron and I guess you have missiles or torpedoes in a bottom slot and you have to vector target it to hit an enemy ship. you will be followed by small ships. If i am not wrong your ships are green in colour, while the enemy squadron are light blue in colour. the ships have various names like Gladiator , Warrior, or names of emotions like Panic, angst etc. if the leads ships name is gladiator, the second ship that is smaller in size will be warrior, and so on. I also remember asteroids getting in your way which will slow your ship on impact. If your ship is destoyed, you wait for the outcome as your smaller allied ships fight the enemy for you and then medals are given out at the end, Mvps's and such . I guess thats it. If these details ring  a bell to anyone, Do suggest some names. I will really appreciate it.



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