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Sierra Nevada Corp is spinning off its Space Division to become Sierra Space,


Dream Chaser spaceplane (cargo and crew). Dream Chaser starts flying cargo missions to ISS in 1-2 years.


Shooting Star logistics module/tug/outpost


Large Inflatable Fabric Environment (LIFE) habitats (like Bigelow's)





WASHINGTON — Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) will spin off its space division into a separate company, a move reflecting the “historic growth” it foresees for that business in the next several years.


In a message to employees April 14, SNC Chairwoman and President Eren Ozmen said the company’s Space Systems division will become a standalone company, called Sierra Space, although remain a subsidiary of SNC.


Creating Sierra Space, she said, will enable the company to better capture expected growth in the space industry. SNC’s space business currently generates $400 million in annual revenue, and she projected that increasing to $4 billion in 5 to 10 years. Privately-held SNC has traditionally disclosed few details about its revenue.





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