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Sierra Nevada Corp is spinning off its Space Division to become Sierra Space,


Dream Chaser spaceplane (cargo and crew). Dream Chaser starts flying cargo missions to ISS in 1-2 years.


Shooting Star logistics module/tug/outpost


Large Inflatable Fabric Environment (LIFE) habitats (like Bigelow's)





WASHINGTON — Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) will spin off its space division into a separate company, a move reflecting the “historic growth” it foresees for that business in the next several years.


In a message to employees April 14, SNC Chairwoman and President Eren Ozmen said the company’s Space Systems division will become a standalone company, called Sierra Space, although remain a subsidiary of SNC.


Creating Sierra Space, she said, will enable the company to better capture expected growth in the space industry. SNC’s space business currently generates $400 million in annual revenue, and she projected that increasing to $4 billion in 5 to 10 years. Privately-held SNC has traditionally disclosed few details about its revenue.





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Sounds like an abort to landing site for Florida launches.




Spaceport Cornwall signs agreement with US company


The Sierra Nevada Corporation wants to make spaceflight "globally accessible".


Its spaceplane Dream Chaser, run by subsidiary Sierra Space, is designed to launch vertically to low-Earth obit and land on a spaceport or runway.


Melissa Thorpe, head of Spaceport near Newquay, said she was "delighted" to welcome Sierra Space ahead of the G7.


Spaceport Cornwall is working towards launching the first satellites into space in spring 2022.


"Spaceport Cornwall is an excellent partnership to assist in our endeavour to make space travel globally accessible."


The deputy chief executive of UK Space Agency, Ian Annett, said: "This exciting collaboration, enabled by funding provided by the UK Space Agency, will help Spaceport Cornwall realise their ambitions and support the growth of the UK spaceflight industry."



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Latest Sierra Space & Dream Chaser spaceplane info. More in the pdf (24.5 mb)




3 versions of Dream Chaser,


DC100, DC200, DC300 


National security missions (USSF?)


DC will do Earth point-2-point transport


Their inflatable LIFE habitat can be a space or surface habitat. 27 ft (8.23 m) in diameter, 3 decks.









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Dream Chaser 100 (cargo) and DC 200 (crew) are funded. DC 300 (national security) is still under study.



Sierra Space raises $1.4 billion


WASHINGTON — Sierra Space, the space subsidiary of Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC), has raised $1.4 billion in a Series A round that values the company at $4.5 billion.


The company announced the round Nov. 19, led by General Atlantic, Coatue and Moore Strategic Ventures, with participation from funds and accounts managed by BlackRock Private Equity Partners, AE Industrial Partners and various strategic family offices.


The company will use about two thirds of the funds for work on Dream Chaser, the lifting-body vehicle it is building for to transport cargo for the International Space Station starting in late 2022. That includes development of a crewed version of the vehicle that could make its first flight with people on board as soon as 2025, Vice said.


Sierra Space is also investigating the possibility of developing a version of Dream Chaser for national security applications. He declined to comment on specific differences between that version of Dream Chaser and those used for commercial cargo and crew versions.




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