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Nick H.

Portal Reloaded mod adds a third portal that lets you travel through time

Think with even more portals.

By Mollie Taylor

Portal 2 celebrated its 10th anniversary this week, which means there's no better time to drop a mod that ramps the game's mind-bending puzzle antics up to the nth degree.

The Portal Reloaded mod utilises your usual blue and orange portals, but also throws a new green time-travelling portal into the mix. The two timelines are 20 years apart, letting you set up your puzzles in the past to affect what happens in the future. 

Source and (a bit) more


Having thoroughly enjoyed the Portal series I thought I would give this a go. I'm about a third of the way through so far and it's great fun! Quite a lot of the time mods can feel a bit lacklustre compared to the original game, but everything feels polished and AAA. I think I'd have been happy to drop some money for it, but another great thing is that it's free!


Link to the Steam Store

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Brandon H

neat, I'm gonna have to check that out later

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Jim K

Started playing it last night ... it is pretty good so far.

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+E.Worm Jimmy

wow, that sounds interesting, though i have to say, Portal games were incredible, but i was getting so damn frustrated with them, almost gave up so many times, and this sounds even more difficult.


thank you for mentioning it exists though, i will definitely try it.


i was rather expecting Portal 3 by now, but as we all know Valve cannot count to 3.   At least Portal 2 Episode 2 or something LOL

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  • 2 months later...

That sounds incredible. I honestly forgot about the Portal franchise, didn't know there are mods that interesting. Definitely will give it a go. 

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