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If I update the BIOS on my laptop, Do i need to do anything special when it comes to my programs installed, doc or whatever else? Should I set a system restore point? If I image my laptop before I update BIOS, will that negate the updated BIOS if I have to restore?



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Just the Bios flash update, whatever you download from your MB manufacturer website for update, just shutdown computer with usb of flash file and boot back into your bios screen and update it with the file and that's it. 

you should not need any special software. 


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Joe User
Posted (edited)

No, the image won't negate it, the BIOS isn't part of the OS image backup.


I recommend one thing (besides a full backup, which you should be doing anyway), if you're using Bitlocker, suspend it before updating the BIOS. If you don't know what Bitlocker is, you're most likely not using it.



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