1Blocker and battery drain. Any alternatives?

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Last week I installed 1Blocker my iPhone. A useful app to block all kinds off ads (even from within a news app and alike). Comes in really handy.

However, it kinda drains my battery (10-15% background activity). I guess because of its VPN that's ON. Right?

(and that... I don't really like)


I also read that AdGuard is similar in workings. But does this app (also) have a huge background activity, and therefore battery drain?


What other apps are there like 1Blocker and AdGuard that blocks ads (even the annoying on like news apps (even with a subscription) that's friendly for my battery?


The app must work on iPhone/iOS 14, and preferably also on iPad/iPadOS 14.

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Brandon H

yeah you likely wouldn't have much different with AdGuard. that's the nature of a VPN ad block. It monitors and redirects all network traffic through its filter servers.

Unfortunately a VPN ad block is the only usable method on iOS (without jailbreaking) due to how Apple locks things down

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