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So I've recently picked up a Quest 2 and am really enjoying using it. (If anyone has any recommended games/apps let me know)


I know that you're able to link the Quest 2 to a desktop PC to get a little more/better graphics out out the Quest 2. I have a basic gaming machine from a few years back but was looking to upgrade it. Not going to lie, it's old and probably laughable. 


I'll list the specs below but I was looking for some recommendations that would make the PC "VR Ready" and be able to deliver a decent experience.


  • CPU - Intel Pentium G4560
  • Mobo - Gigabyte - GA-B250M-DS3H 
  • GPU - EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
  • RAM - HyperX FURY 8 GB
  • SSD - Samsung 850 EVO 250 GB
  • PSU - Corsair CP-9020101-UK 450 W


I don't know if any of those parts are useable going forward or whether I should just start from scratch.


Thoughts welcome.

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I think you need a better GFX card. I'm not 100% sure, though...

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Matthew S.

Upgrade the CPU, RAM and Graphics card... at that point may as well just build a new rig...

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Posted (edited)

To run PC VR well you are going to need a new rig 


Regarding games for the  quest that all depends on what type of game you enjoy or what you have already used.

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Thanks for the input guys, that's kinda what I figured :)

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Posted (edited)

I've been into VR for a few years, owning a Rift S and nearly buying an HP Reverb G2 but realising even a 2080 Ti wouldn't provide a smooth experience at full potential. VR is heavily on demanding on graphics because despite the resolution of an HMD, it actually runs much greater due to pin-cushion effect. The Rift S though advertised to run at 2560x1440 actually runs at something like 3000x2000 at 100% scaling. From my experience I'd say the entry point into VR with something like my Rift S would need to be at a guess something like an RTX 2060/2070, to push the frames and resolution. The Quest 2 is even higher resolution than than the Rift S. There is no way a 1050 Ti will provide a usable or pleasurable experience. You may be able to run Rec Room (on Steam) but I cannot think of any less demanding VR game on PC.

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