yellow mark in Device Manager


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yellow mark in Device Manager.


My Bluetooth Adapter not working.


Which driver do I require to install ? Can I install any generic driver to fix this issue ?


Laptop model: HP Pavilion 15-n012tx





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Try going under / start /settings / update and security / view all optional updates / 


Then expand drivers and see if there is a Bluetooth driver in there. If there is check it and tell it to install.


I would also recommend you try a restart, not a shut down but  a restart.

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Assuming it’s not a faulty adapter, these can be tricky to resolve.

Delete it’s existing driver and remove it from the system. When it’s discovered again, install the latest driver,

You may also need to tweak a registry setting or two.

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Did the device drivers @Dick Montage mention actually install to your computer, or just extract when you ran the package?  If the latter, you may need to run a SETUP.EXE program from within the subdirectory that it created in order to actually install the device drivers, or update the device drivers through the Device Manager (filename: DEVMGMT.MSC) by using the option in there and pointing to the directory the new device drivers were extracted to.




Aryeh Goretsky


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