Falcon 9: Transpotter-2 (Rideshare mission)


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Transporter-1 ended up with 143 satellites. Transporter-2's count is currently 88, and will include satellites for the DoD Space Development Agency, ESA, NASA, SpaceFlight Inc., and a host of others.


Date: June 25, 2021

Time:  1456 - 1554 Eastern (1856 - 1954 GMT)

Booster: B1060.8 

Pad: LC-40

Orbit: 525km Sun Synchronous Orbit

Recovery: Return To Launch Site (LZ-1)




Space News Transporter-2 update






Transporter-2 is expected to carry as many as 88 small satellites from commercial and government customers to a sun synchronous polar orbit. SDA’s five payloads include two pairs of satellites to demonstrate laser communications links, and one to demonstrate how data can be processed and analyzed autonomously aboard a satellite. 


These are SDA’s first in-space experiments since the agency was established in 2019. SDA is developing a network of satellites in low Earth orbit for military communications and for missile defense. The first batch of satellites is scheduled to launch in late 2022. 




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Scrubbed yesterday by a helicopter violating the safety zone. New webcast link for today...



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